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TypoFinderswhere we track down typos and make the world a safer place.

We find typos before your clients do.

Get insurance against embarrassment. We make sure that your documents and websites are error free.

Why Expert Proofreading Is Important

You have clients to think about and deadlines to meet. Who has the time to make sure every little detail is perfect?

We do! We’re a better proofreading service, and we’re proving it right now.

Just think of how many people have read your words today. Although some people consider it “hip” to subvert the rules of grammar, that works best only if you’re e.e. cummings. But you want to make money, professionally.

Typos, misspellings, and inappropriate punctuation all give the impression of sloppiness and incompetence. If this is the image your business is trying to create, go ahead. Call it art. But don’t complain when your competitors start outpacing you.

We Find Typos

We thoroughly inspect your document, verifying spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, syntax, misplaced modifiers, clarity of meaning, style, consistency, and sentence structure. We also check spacings and alignments.

You’ve worked hard. Don’t be embarrassed. We find typos and eliminate them before your customer sees them.

Having TypoFinders proofread your work is the best insurance you can get. Make sure you always look your best. Call right now. We’re standing by to help you.

Because you need it done right

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