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Our Expertise

We’ve proofread tens of thousands of documents over the last 34 years for thousands of happy customers.

The projects we’ve perfected include books, advertisements, websites, technical journals, magazine articles, resumés, corporate presentations, annual reports, style guides, and master’s and doctoral theses.

If there’s a typo in your document, we’ll find it.


A Better Proofreading Service

    Here’s Why …

Besides checking spelling, grammar, and punctuation, we check syntax, spacing and formatting, capitalization, spellings of people’s names and place names, web addresses, quotations, telephone numbers, references, facts, page numbering, common sense, and even your math!

And if we can think of a clearer way to get your message across, we’ll let you know—gently.

What Our Customers Say

“Everyone in our office checked our website and we couldn’t find any errors. You found seven! You certainly live up to your name.” — M.L., New York

“We ran an ad for one of our biggest clients that contained an error, and it really cost us. We had been trying to do it in-house. Now we have TypoFinders proofread everything we do. The peace of mind is worth it.” — L.A., San Francisco

“Exceptional service—everyone was very helpful and extremely friendly! Keep up the good work.” — G.C., Reno

“We rely on TypoFinders to get our work done on time. You’ve never let us down. Thanks!” — G.H., Los Angeles

“Your same-day rush service is a great help.” — K.Y., San Francisco

Because you need it done right

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